CIGAR BORE comes from humble beginnings on the Jersey Shore. James DeGraw has owned his own businesses and raised a family from an early age. With a passion for the outdoors and mechanics he is constantly tinkering around in his beloved garage. The idea of CIGAR BORE came to light while Jim was at his gun club shooting his newly acquired AR-15 rifle. He was gathering up the used .223 shells so he could clean and reload them for future use. At the same time, he was getting ready for his drive home and wanted to enjoy the cigar he had brought along for the trip. He grabbed the empty .223 casing and punched the end of his cigar, it worked perfectly and CIGAR BORE was born.

It took over a year to finalize the intricate details of the mechanism and perfect the product to bring to market. We are very proud of our story and the final product. We can’t wait for you to “PUNCH YOUR CIGAR LIKE A MARKSMAN!”

Punch Your Cigar Like A Marksman!